Friday, 17 April 2015

Fundraising item - the bling

Who doesn't love jewelry?

And who wouldn't love to own - and wear - something custom designed and hand crafted especially for them?

Seriously, look at these!

These beautiful earrings, named Berenice after the actress who portrayed the femme fatale Sévérine in Skyfall, are as red as red can get.  A bold, dramatic colour, yet also appropriately the colour of MS awareness in Canada.  Made from sterling silver, the teardrop shaped stones are brilliant red rubies and the tiny faceted stones above are red spinels.

The artist-extraordinaire behind these earrings is Aileen Lau, who created Aria Industries to showcase her incredible talent working with silver and gemstones.

Check out Aileen's beautiful blog here and her very tempting Etsy shop here.

I was so touched when Aileen reached out to me, offering to donate a piece of her jewelry.  We've known each other since elementary school, but have partially lost touch over the years.  People move, things change, life gets busy.  Thanks to these earrings, we get to renew our friendship and raise some money at the same time!

Thank you so much Aileen, for reaching out to me and for donating these stunning earrings. 

To win them - and I know you want to - make a donation to my MS Walk page here.

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