Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fundraising item - the literature

You know those books... the ones that don't end up in your to donate pile.  But permanently live on your bedside shelf?

For me, The Last Hiccup is one of those books.

It's wickedly funny, dark, quirky.

I am in awe of Christopher Meades' ability to create entertaining fiction, complete with exquisite prose and detailed, interesting characters.

This man knows how to write a sentence.  A book.  Many books.

And very deservedly, The Last Hiccup won the 2013 Canadian Authors Association Award for Fiction.

Here are the judges' comments:

The Last Hiccup is an episodic novel reminiscent of Chaucer’s Tales or the Decameron. At the heart of the story is a hiccup, or more specifically, a boy with the hiccups… This surrealistic novel takes us through the misadventures of Vladimir and along the way the reader gets a good look at society’s foibles. The writing is exquisite, the language poetic and fresh. Although the story takes place in 1930s Russia, it feels very relevant to our times.


Thank you, Chris, for donating your book to help raise funds for MS research and treatment.  Not only are you an amazing author, but you're a true friend and a great source of support.

Check out Chris' website here.

Enter the draw by donating to the MS Walk here and you could win a signed copy of The Last Hiccup by Christopher Meades!

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