Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fundraising items - the music

It was years ago I heard him sing for the first time.

Up on a stage, alone, just him and his guitar.  No amps, no background, no dizzying distractions.

And it was amazing.  Amazing.

The crowd was silent - taking in every ounce of musical genius Dominique Fricot had to offer.

And let me tell you, he pours his soul - his entire being - into his performance.

I've been mesmerized since.

(And even had the opportunity to join Dominique on a skytrain Christmas caroling adventure.  Non-intoxicated, I promise).

So I asked Dom if he'd like to get involved with the Vancouver MS Walk.  Being an all-around awesome guy, he said yes, and I couldn't be more excited!

I have THREE items to offer from Dominique Fricot - two signed CDs (which are both so fantastic) and an incredible t-shirt (which I not-so-secretly want to keep for myself).

Check out his website here and send him some love.  And get tickets to his upcoming video release show!

Huge thanks for donating, Dominique!

You really can't pass this one up, people!  Donate to the MS Walk here to enter the draw!

Stay tuned for another announcement about Dominique Fricot and the MS Walk soon!

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