Monday, 27 April 2015

Guess what?

No new lesions!

On my brain OR spinal cord!

I saw my Neurologist today to go over my latest MRI and have a check up and medication chat.

Although I am considered "stable diseased" in radiological terms, and still have dozens of brain lesions and one large spinal cord lesion to contend with - there are no new ones!

These injections are in fact helping me. 

That makes me much less resentful of my nightly shot-routine.

I am also now stable enough on Copaxone (2 years now) to try reducing my injections.  This isn't something that is prescribed per se, but since I am having some lipoatrophy in certain injection locations, my doctor was comfortable allowing me to do this.  I can do the injections 3 times a week now - in hopes it will help my skin (ahem... vanity).  Needless to say - I am thrilled!  Maybe I can reduce some of the damage these injections have done.

The icing on today's cake - I've been asked to speak at the Vancouver MS Walk! (Only for a couple minutes, but still...)

It's been a good day.  A very good day.

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