Saturday, 2 May 2015

Raffle results!

There are some lucky, lucky people who have donated to the 2015 MS Walk!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far - I have raised $1610 and my team has raised $3300!

And we're not done yet!  The raffle may be over, but the walk isn't until May 24th.  Plenty of time to raise more money and awareness for this important cause.

So, without further ado, the winners (with names listed as they publically appear on the walk site), as drawn by me, are:

Finn and Dylan - you've won a signed copy of The Last Hiccup by Christopher Meades!

Anonymous #3 (I kept track of the anonymous donations, don't worry) - you've won a signed copy of If Baby Could Walk by Dominique Fricot!

Penny Slack - you've won a signed copy of Sweet Little Fantasy by Dominique Fricot!

Patricia MacInnes - you've won the custom earrings by Aria Industries!

Pam and Eli - you've won the Haunted by Love t-shirt from Dominique Fricot!

I will be contacting you all to get delivery details.

Congratulations everyone!

And thank you to the generous, talented artists who donated these amazing items.  You've helped me raise money for a cause so, so close to my heart.  I am forever thankful.

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