Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Special guest!

Team Making Lemonade has a very special guest joining us for the MS walk! 

And I want to shout it from the rafters, I'm so excited!

The one and only Dominique Fricot, musician-extraordinaire, will be walking with us!

I have sung his praises before, but will do it again now.  Dominique Fricot is a musician worth listening to.  Worth supporting.  He has that unique, raw talent that doesn't appear often.  He has an unequivocal ability to perform, oozes undeniable charisma, and writes lyrics that hit you right in the heart.

Check out his website here

I cannot express how grateful I am to Dominique.  Not only did he donate 3 items to use for my fundraising, but he's made me Christmas cookies, successfully disguised my singing voice while caroling, and now is walking 5 km with my crazy self.

I am still in awe of the support I find in all sorts of places.

Start thinking about your yellow outfit, Dom!

And for all you generous souls out there - you can donate here.  Thank you!

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