Monday, 1 June 2015

MS fast fact - dysaesthesia

Or for me, the creepy crawlies.

Dysaesthesia, which means an abnormal sensation, can occur in any area of the body, depending on where central nervous system damage has occurred.  And comes in many forms - pins and needles, tingling, numbness, burning, wetness, crawling, itching, electric shock.  Not to be confused with loss of sensation, or reduced bodily sensation.  These are all common in MS.

Other than tingling and numbness, which are my biggies, the skin-crawling sensation is a common one for me.  It's not permanent, but it always affects me in the same area.

It starts on the tip of my nose and spreads across the left side of my face.  It feels like thousands of bugs are crawling across my skin.


Then it just stops.

And reappears whenever it pleases.

It's a good time to practice my nursery rhymes, I guess...

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