Thursday, 25 June 2015

On Motherhood, at year-end

Sometimes I yell.  Sometimes my shoulders are tight with stress. 

Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and count to three.

I am mostly exhausted. 

And sometimes cranky.

And I never get enough sleep.

But you know what?  It's worth it.  Every moment, however tedious, tiring or repetitive they sometimes can be.

Because these tiny creatures are truly awesome.

And there are days, like today, where you stop just that little bit longer to look at your child's face.  To try and understand them just that little bit more. 

To see them as real people.  Important people.  People growing up in what seems like an instant.

Being proud of my boys is an understatement, for sure.  They have both accomplished so much this school year, have pushed past obstacles and uncertainties, and have come out on top.

I couldn't be a prouder, more sentimental Mom as I am right at this second.

(maybe that's the lack of sleep from a 4am kid nosebleed or the 6 Timbits I just scarfed).

Onwards and upwards for these two guys!

Preschool Graduation

Last day of Grade 2

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