Friday, 21 August 2015


Three years go so fast.

Yet oh so slow.

There's been a lot to process, a lot to acclimatize to, a lot of deep breathing and trying not to cry.

But there's also been a lot of hope, a lot of promise, and still - a lot of support.

To everyone who helps me fundraise, gets involved, spreads the word, makes me laugh or listens to me rant - thank you.  You are part of the reason I feel accepting of my MS.

Getting diagnosed with a chronic, life-long disease is never an enjoyable experience.  Never something you revel in along the way.  But, for me, it has been the most forceful catalyst to understanding who I am.  Knowing that self right in the middle of my being.

I don't know why I mark this day.  Why I remember.

Maybe I need to let go of some loose emotion.

Maybe I need to do something special for myself.

Maybe I just need to pat myself on the back and say, You got this.


  1. We mark these anniversaries as a way of measuring how far we've come. The first year after diagnosis is always the hardest. It's the time in which you are adjusting to a new normal, usually recovering from an attack which led to being diagnosed in the first place and deciding just how much room MS is going to take up in your life. No matter what's ahead of you, you have survived MS 1095 days in a row. That's 1095 days you didn't give up. That's 1095 days you decided to live and thrive despite this terrible disease. You have been 100% successful so far. I wish you optimal health and high five you on reaching this milestone. MS=MADE STRONGER . ((big hugs)) from an allied disease sister. (NMO)