Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fundraising item - the earrings!

A welcome back (and huge thank you!) to the talented Aileen Lau of Aria Industries for creating and donating yet another stunning pair of earrings.

These intricate, custom-made beauties, created with coral and sterling silver, were again this year designed using the MS awareness colour of red.  They have been named Laia after the actress from Sebastian Schipper's one-take movie called Victoria, which played at the Vancouver International film festival in 2015.

Check out the beautiful work of Aria Industries here.

Thank you, Aileen, for your support again this year, and for your beautiful, unique pieces that can help bring awareness to MS!

All donations to team Making Lemonade are entered into the draw for lots of great prizes.  If you'd like to win these earrings, donate here!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fundraising item - the music!

Back again this year, musician Dominique Fricot is supporting team Making Lemonade in the MS Walk!

I've got two signed albums and an awesome t-shirt to give away!

For those of you who don't know Dom, you are missing out.  His music, lyrics, and presence are intoxicating.  They make you sit still, stop talking.  You focus on every ounce of energy he puts out. And he draws you in.

He possesses some of the purest talent I've ever seen.

Here's one of his best known songs and a personal favourite:

Take some time to check him out here.

Thank you, Dom -  Your generosity and continued support mean so much!

Every donation to team Making Lemonade gets an entry to win these incredible prizes.

Donate here!