Saturday, 14 May 2016

Fundraising items - the winners!

It's raffle time!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the MS Walk this year.  Team Making Lemonade has raised almost $4000 this year, bringing our 4 year total to almost $24,000!

All the names of people who made any donation, to any team member, went into a big bowl, and I randomly picked the winners.  We have 6 prizes this year, so 6 winners there are!

(I wish I had a prize for each of you, I really do, but I gotta make this fair...!)

So here we go...

The winner of Dominique Fricot's album If Baby Could Walk is the McDonah Family!

The winner of Dominique Fricot's album Sweet Little Fantasy is Laurie B.!

The winner of Dominique Fricot's Haunted by Love t-shirt is Myrna!

The winners of Ryz Rémi's luxury skin care package are Kyle and Maria!

The winners of the family photo session with Penelope Slack Photography are Callum and Zoey!

The winner of the Aria Industries earrings is Amy Bateman!

Congratulations everyone!  I will be contacting you within the next few days to get your details.

And thank you to the generous, talented people who donated these wonderful items.  You've helped raise a lot of money for an important cause.  I'm very thankful.

Until tomorrow - It's almost go time!

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