Sunday, 14 May 2017

On Mother's Day

There are a million thoughts swirling through my head.

It's my first without my Mom.

It is surreal.  Ugly.  That sick-to-my-stomach feeling.

The build-up to this day.  The cards and gifts in the stores have been a cruel reminder of the pain of the last 6 months.

Right in my face, and so unavoidable.

I never imagined losing my Mom while in my 30's.  While still looking for, and needing, that guidance and reassurance in raising my own young kids.

Missing that support and friendship only a Mother can give.

Today I choose to celebrate the Mom that she was.  How she raised her daughters with many important values.  And how lucky we were to have her.

I hope to pass to my kids the things she taught me.  To show them strength and perseverance and unconditional love. To show them the beauty of life.

This incredible woman taught me how to be a Mom.  That is a gift I hold very dearly.

I miss you so much, Mom.  But even with the tears, today I celebrate you.

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