Friday, 6 October 2017

Ocrevus info

It's been busy getting this Ocrevus ball rolling.

When dealing with any medication this new and expensive, you first need to tackle the paperwork. Because it's only just been approved in Canada, it is not covered by Provincial plans yet.  But, the amazing news is that my extended health benefits will cover 100% of the cost once they authorize the forms from my Neurologist.

Hopefully this happens within a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I need to undergo extensive pre-testing.  Because part of my immune system will be killed off by this medication, they need to check to ensure I don't have any underlying infections or other conditions.  My body needs to be able to function with part of my immune system gone.

Today was blood and lab day.  So much blood.  You know those requisition forms you get for blood tests?  Imagine that with every box checked off, plus more added.  And as someone who gets a lot of blood tests and is not squeamish at all, today was a first for me - I fainted afterwards.  Fun times...

Meanwhile, my fatigue and vertigo have been bad the past few months, so I am itching to get this started.  I really hope it makes some difference in my day to day life (minus the few weeks I'll be recovering after the infusions, slathered in sanitizer, wearing a face mask and hiding!)

I'm still feeling positive, but sometimes this all really sucks.

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