Tuesday, 19 June 2018

MS Update

Another day, another trip to the MS Clinic.

It's been a difficult 6 months.

Today didn't help.  

I feel deflated.

The eye damage that became noticeable a few months ago is still here, despite the steroids, and is now considered a permanent part of my MS.

My MS has also now moved from just my brain and spinal cord into my brain stem too. This accounts for the changes to my eye and for my increased vertigo.

There is nothing quite like viewing your brain images, all lit up like Christmas trees, knowing that things aren't getting better, to really make you feel diseased.

I am still not sure which medication I will move to yet, but that will happen over the next few months.  The Ocrevus infusion I started in January seems to have only made things worse.  In the meantime, My Neurologist told me to try and rest and reduce stress as much as I can (Ha!  I'm moving to a new house next week, with 2 kids in tow!).

Sigh.  Not the appointment I was hoping for.

1 comment:

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