Thursday, 22 August 2019

Seven years

Seven years since my official diagnosis.

Ten years of living with this disease.  Living with fear and uncertainty.  Learning to navigate things I never expected to.  Learning to embrace the "new" me.

It's been a process. Many medications, some terrifying and debilitating.  Many treatments and appointments and trying anything that might make things better.

There still is no cure for MS, nor a definite cause.

There is no warning when your body will turn against you.

It's taken me a decade, and I am now okay with having MS.  And it does partly define who I am.  Probably because I think it's made me a stronger person.  I am comfortable with my own mortality and my own illness.

At my last Neurologist's appointment, we discussed that because I am over the 10 year mark of living with this disease, we wait and see how my MS transitions.  10-15 years post-onset is typically when 50% of people decline greatly and become secondary progressive, while 90% of people with MS will transition to secondary progressive within 25 years. This waiting will perhaps be the hardest.

For those who have stuck with me - thank you.  Support is the only way to navigate through a progressive disease.

And the MS community as a whole has been an amazing asset to me.  I have never seen a group of people rally together with such power.  Ever.

And on that note, coincidentally, today is A&W's Burgers to Beat MS day.  For every Teen burger sold, $2 goes directly to the MS Society of Canada.  This is a huge fundraiser which supports the research, resources, and equipment that thousands of people really need.

So go eat a burger!

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