Friday, 11 October 2019

Unplanned thoughts

Last weekend was the MS Connect conference, at which I was able to present my story of living well with MS.

I had written in my calendar to recap that conference through a blog post this week.

Big change of plans.

I'm not sure what has happened, but that is the nature of this disease.  We never know what, or when anything will happen.  That's the hardest part.

I have been mostly sleeping for 2 days now.  Headaches so bad nothing is even touching the pain. And now a consistent sharp banding pain around my chest, known as the "MS Hug."  Imagine the feeling of getting the wind knocked out of you, add in consistent intolerable pain, and have it last for days - that's my variety of the MS hug.

So I'm sorry this isn't a conference recap.  Because there was some incredible information and advances I'd love to share.  But I need to take of me right now.

I'm not writing this so you'll feel sorry for me.  I'm writing it because this is my personal therapy.  And because living with it can be so hard.  I need to keep creating MS awareness and knowledge - of the struggles, the symptoms, the experience. The message still hasn't been understood by so many.

I feel absolutely awful.  The worst in a long time.  So bad I almost cracked open my Mom's stage 4 cancer morphine from 3 years ago.

If it continues tomorrow I'll assess my hospital options.

Healthcare needs to be a WAY bigger concern in our society.

Thanks for reading and listening.  It does help. 

And as I always promised myself.  And a big part of how I do live well with MS (most of the time) - a joke to end the post...

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  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry you're in pain. From the sounds of it, they need to rename the MS hug the MS strangle instead. I hope this passes quickly.